EN40078 EAN:4711409540078
Aqua M (Black, Micro ATX, U3x1+U2x1, Front & Left TG Panel, 5PCS X24A & ARGB Fan Control PCB)

• Elegant and Easy Display Design
• Strong and Sophisticated Chassis Structure
• Crystal Clear Front and Left Tempered Glass Design
• Superior Airflow and Ventilation Design
• Easy SSD/HDD/PSU Installation
• Easy Cable Management
• Multiple Cooling Fan placement up to 7 x 12cm Fans
• Liquid Cooling Radiators Compatibility : MB: 240, Top 240



The XIGMATEK AQUA M ARGB Micro Tower Case is a high-quality and stylish computer case designed to meet the needs of gamers and PC enthusiasts. With its compact micro ATX form factor, this case offers a balance between space-saving design and ample room for hardware components.

The case features a stunning ARGB lighting system that adds a captivating visual element to your PC build. The addressable RGB LEDs can be customized and synchronized with compatible motherboards and software, allowing you to create dazzling lighting effects and enhance the overall aesthetics of your setup.

Built with durability and convenience in mind, the XIGMATEK AQUA M ARGB Micro Tower Case is constructed from sturdy materials that ensure long-lasting performance. It provides excellent airflow and cooling capabilities to keep your components running smoothly, thanks to its well-designed ventilation system and support for multiple fans and radiators.

The interior of the case is intelligently designed to accommodate various hardware configurations. It can house micro ATX motherboards, as well as high-performance graphics cards, multiple storage drives, and ample expansion slots for future upgrades. The case also includes cable management features, such as routing holes and tie-down points, to help you achieve a clean and organized build.

With its user-friendly design, the XIGMATEK AQUA M ARGB Micro Tower Case makes the installation and maintenance process hassle-free. It provides easy access to the components, including tool-less drive bays and removable dust filters, making it convenient to clean and upgrade your system whenever necessary.

Whether you’re a gamer, a content creator, or a PC enthusiast, the XIGMATEK AQUA M ARGB Micro Tower Case offers an ideal combination of style, performance, and functionality. It provides a visually striking and reliable housing solution for your gaming rig or high-performance workstation.